Class Photos

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Dear Parents,

The school photographer will be in on Wednesday 22nd
November 2017 to take class photos.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Miss Besic

St. Patrick’s Day in Reception Class

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Children from Reception class celebrated St Patrick’s Day with great enthusiasm. They enjoyed learning about St Patrick’s life, his good deeds and how he became the patron saint of Ireland. The children also had fun when Irish dancing. Reception children also made lovely green hats and performed a song “Have You Ever Seen A Leprechaun” during the Assembly gathering!


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We are so happy to have two more classmates in our Reception class! Luna and John are lovely twins.They joined us last week and fitted in perfectly! They already made some new friends and are learning a lot!

Year Reception Class Celebrations

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This week the children enjoyed tasting Chinese food. We also listened to some traditional Chinese music.

This week on Monday our classmate Davina has turned 5! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVINA, we wish you the best and thanks for delicious chocolate cupcakes!

Last week we began exploring the traditional tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We discussed the characters and events in the story and used this learning to talk about character traits or character qualities.

This week’s sounds are ai, j, and oa.

Our current Topic is Arctic and the animals that live there. It would be helpful if children can bring some play animals to school for our KUW class (polar animals). Thank you!

The Little Polar Bear: The Dream of Flying

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A wonderful animated movie for children to enjoy this weekend, it descriptively shows the polar bears’ life…enjoy reception!

Polar Bears are COOL!

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This week we enjoyed our range of fun polar bears activities. We learned what they eat, how much they weigh, where they live, how fast they can run and lots more interesting information. Here are some facts that we were talking about:

Polar bears live in the Arctic.

Polar bears have black skin and although their fur appears white, it is actually transparent.

It is the largest carnivore (meat eater) that lives on land.

Polar bears use sea ice as a platform to hunt seals.

Seals make up most of a polar bears diet.

Male polar bears can weigh up to 680 kg (1500 lb).

Female polar bears usually only weigh about half as much as males.

Polar bears spend most of their time at sea.

Scientists estimate that there are around 20000 polar bears.

Polar bears have 42 teeth.

The scientific name for the polar bear is ‘ursus maritimus’.

Polar bears keep warm thanks to nearly 10 cm of blubber under the skin.

Polar bears have an excellent sense of smell, with the ability to detect seals nearly a mile away (1.6 km).

We read the book “Stay Cool” and completed our art project “Polar Bear the King of the Arctic”

Bears, Bears Are Everywhere!

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Having strong phonological awareness is one of the biggest factors that determines future success in learning to read so this week we were busy reading stories and learning rhymes about bears.

We were discussing the following questions this week:

Have you ever seen a bear?
What do they look like? Features?
Where do bears live?
What do bears eat?
Have you ever heard of hibernation and what is it?
Do you have a teddy bear? (and brought our teddies to school)

The Spring Term Beginning!

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Dear parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to school after the Christmas holidays. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and are well rested for the exciting term ahead. We wish you all a happy and peaceful new year.

Walking In The Jungle

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A little poem about animals that live in the jungle… (open the link please)

Where do the animals live?

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Today we investigated and identified animal habitats!
The students really enjoyed the book “Walking Through the Jungle” by Julie Lacome.
Reception have done some wonderful work!